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Tutorial duration 10:57

A walkthrough of the basic set up required to start listing your items from Linnworks.

Tutorial duration 5:01

A guide on assigning batches to orders with batched items and the various methods available in Linnworks.

Tutorial duration 6:16

A look at the final stage of the order lifecycle and how to processs orders using the various methods available.

Tutorial duration 6:05

How to manage orders using the split and merge functionality.

Tutorial duration 3:25

This video talks about the various stages an order will flow through in Linnworks and the various functions available to manage them.

Tutorial duration 9:52

A walkthrough of the process of manually creating, importing and editing orders.

Tutorial duration 5:10

A look at how to use folders, tags, identifiers and locations in Linnworks to help organise orders.

Tutorial duration 3:14

An explanation of the 3 different ways to automate shipping allocation in Linnworks covering use of Channel Shipping Mapping, Rules Engine and a combination of both.