Get up to speed with these step by step Shipping video tutorials.

Latest Shipping tutorials

Shipping - Manually Setting Services and Printing and Cancelling Shipping Labels
Tutorial duration 6:16

A step by step guide to manually setting or changing a shipping service and printing and cancelling shipping labels.

Shipping Packaging
Tutorial duration 7:00

A step by step guide on getting set up with packaging and how to automate this in Linnworks.

Shipping Service Allocation via Rules Engine
Tutorial duration 7:19

Information on when to use the Rules Engine to manage shipping automation and how to set this up.

Shipping Manifests
Tutorial duration 4:48

This video will explain the process of filing manifests to your shipping vendors together with a step by step guide.

Shipping Service Allocation
Tutorial duration 3:14

An explanation of the 3 different ways to automate shipping allocation in Linnworks covering use of Channel Shipping Mapping, Rules Engine and a combination of both.

Shipping Integrations and Postal Services
Tutorial duration 7:23

A step by step guide on how to integrate couriers and set up Linnworks postal services.

An Overview of Shipping Management
Tutorial duration 35:41

As part of our 101 series, join Vince Stavrowsky, our Sales Engineer to discover how to connect with multiple carriers and fulfillment partners for a diversified and resilient shipping network so you can ship faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Rules Engine
Tutorial duration 5:00

A step by step look at how to set up rules to automate certain processes and navigating the rules engine screen.