Get up to speed with these step by step Order video tutorials.

Latest Orders tutorials

Top Tips on Effective Order Management
Tutorial duration 44:11

As part of our 101 series, join Donald Morgan, our Sales Engineer, to learn how to take control of your order management and track every stage of the order lifecycle from one platform.

Action Chains
Tutorial duration 2:55

A step by step guide on how to set up and run action chains to help automate and speed up order processing.

Refunds, Returns, Resends and Exchanges
Tutorial duration 12:50

A step by step look at how to complete the refund, return, resend or exchange process and how they differ.

Open Orders Views and Filters
Tutorial duration 7:40

A step by step look at how data can be manipulated in the Open Orders screen including use of search and filter and creating and sharing stacked and flat views.

Open Orders Walkthrough
Tutorial duration 5:42

An overview of how to navigate the Open Orders screen and its functionality.

Processed Orders Walkthrough
Tutorial duration 4:41

An overview of the Processed orders screen including searching, filtering, sorting and downloading data, viewing further information and downloading data.