Get up to speed with these step by step Inventory video tutorials.

Latest Inventory tutorials

Part 4: Optimizing your Inventory Item Data
Tutorial duration 25:03

Join Kat, our Head of Technical Success, for best practices on how to optimize your inventory item data in Linnworks.

Part 1: Housekeeping Best Practices
Tutorial duration 34:35

Join Kat Davison, our Head of Technical Success, to navigate the more advanced areas of Linnworks starting with general housekeeping best practices.

A guide to Inventory Management
Tutorial duration 54:52

As part of our 101 series, join Vince Stavrowsky, our Sales Engineer to find out how you can optimize inventory management and streamline workflows to make sure you never miss out on valuable sales.

Stock Forecasting
Tutorial duration 09:17

An overview of how Linnworks uses the Stock forecasting functionality to predict your item’s demand together with a step by step guide on how to set up the feature and review the results.

Emailing Purchase Orders
Tutorial duration 8:00

A guide on the set up and steps required to email Purchase orders to suppliers including adding email addresses, creating email templates and editing Purchase order templates.

Reorder Low Stock
Tutorial duration 3:32

A step by step guide on how to use the Reorder low stock screen and how it calculates the suggested quantities.

Return stock to supplier
Tutorial duration 3:10

A step by step guide on returning purchased items to their supplier and the result of this in Linnworks.

Stock Item Labels
Tutorial duration 4:25

A guide on editing and printing stock item labels, including adding barcodes.

Inventory:  Locations and Stock Management
Tutorial duration 4:45

A look at creating and managing locations, together with how to review stock in those locations.

Inventory Import
Tutorial duration 7:50

A step by step guide on importing your prepared CSV files into Linnworks and the different types of import that exist for Inventory.

Stock Item Linking Import
Tutorial duration 7:19

A look at the reasons for linking stock items and how to do this via the import and manually in Linnworks. Also covers where to find linked and unlinked item information.

Inventory Import:  Preparing a CSV File
Tutorial duration 7:45

A guide on the different types of inventory and how to set up your data in order to import them into Linnworks.

Amazon FBA Inbound Shipments
Tutorial duration 6:33

A step by step guide on how to set up your system to handle fulfilment by Amazon.

My Inventory Views and Filters
Tutorial duration 6:30

A step by step look at how data can be manipulated in the My Inventory screen including use of search and filter options and creating views and quick views.

My Inventory Walkthrough
Tutorial duration 3:16

An overview of how to navigate the My Inventory screen including how to add a new item and export a list of items.

Purchase Orders and Stock In
Tutorial duration 9:38

An overview of the Purchase Orders screen and it's functionality together with delivering stock in.